Issue 0


44 pages, 9″x6″, perfect bound, ISSN pending



Brayden Shayne Issue 0

Brayden Shayne is a queer artists’ collective based in North America, interested in queer art and thought and general faggotry, that shows up in the world as a magazine; art products; events; film; and sounds.

Brayden Shayne Issue 0 is a lookbook of editorial philosophy for the magazine that traces the history of the project and offers a raison d’etre for its urgent timeliness. Articles speak to How It All Started; Where We Came From & Where We Are Going; What We Want & What We Like. Brayden Shayne Issue 0 is essential reading for anyone who wants to join us on this journey.

A statue of Orestes & Pylades stands before the Metropolis of Tomorrow on the cover of Brayden Shayne Issue 0. Phocis tells us the duo “sailed through life together as though in one boat.” Hugh Ferriss’ Study for Maximum Mass is one of the architect’s drawings for buildings in a post-Zoning Law New York in which he imagines a future city. The collage speaks to how Brayden Shayne looks to the past to imagine a queer future.